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Failure Analysis

Experiencing recurring nonconformances that threaten deliveries and profitability?  Process yields below 100% and your in-house experts are stymied?  Need a fresh set of eyes?  

In addition to our Systems Failure Analysis and Root Cause Corrective Action training programs, J.H. Berk and Associates performs product and process failure analyses to assist clients on site, in the field, and where expert witness support is required.

Our approach is comprehensive, objective, and rapid.  We perform fault tree analyses to identify all potential failure causes.  We then systematically and objectively evaluate each hypothesized failure cause using a J.H. Berk and Associates-developed Failure Mode Assessment and Assignment matrix.  J.H. Berk and Associates uses a blend of technologies to evaluate all potential failure modes, including design of experiments techniques, inspections, documentation evaluations, "what's different" analyses, statistical analyses, optical and electronic microscopy, materials analyses, film and video analysis, and other techniques.

Our failure analysis experience includes munitions systems, aircraft systems, environmental control systems, aerial refueling equipment, material handling equipment, aircraft structural components, biomedical devices, and many other complex systems.  We help developers and manufacturers quickly take yields up to 100%.

Quality improvement through failure analysis training

This military helicopter blade (one of the most advanced in the world) experienced a 50% to 70% rejection rate and a shorter-than-specified service life during its entire 20-year production history.  Systems Failure Analysis techniques identified the root cause to be inadequate bondline width (a condition allowed by the technical data package).  Tightened production tolerances and tool control increased the yield to 100% without the need for technical data package modifications.

Our failure analyses include comprehensive illustrated failure analysis reports.  Our clients have experienced a 100% failure analysis report acceptance rate by their customers.  Please review our technical paper on Systems Failure Analysis.


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