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Expert Witness Support

Based on our extensive engineering, manufacturing, procurement, and quality assurance experience (as well as our publications and training activities), we can provide expert witness support in the following areas:

  • Government claims analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Manufacturing management
  • Cost estimation
  • Government and prime contractor technical data package adequacy
  • Statistics
  • Statistical process control
  • Quality assurance issues and litigation
  • Water treatment equipment design
  • Water treatment equipment cost estimation
  • Water treatment equipment reliability and failure analysis
  • Water treatment equipment technology selection
  • Motorcycle design, operation, and accident investigation

Joseph Berk is qualified as a United States Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals expert witness in many of the above areas. 

Failure analysis and expert witness services

One of our clients could not consistently pass its munitions fuze lot acceptance test, even though the fuze met its 95% government-specification reliability requirement.  Our analysis and related ASBCA testimony showed that the probability of passing the lot acceptance test was only about 30%.  The government's specified fuze reliability and the lot acceptance test requirements were inconsistent.


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