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Quality Assurance


We could say we wrote the book on Quality Assurance.....but we'll let the book speak for itself.  


We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Quality Measurement Systems.  We develop nonconformance recording and data base systems that allow our clients to identify dominant nonconformances and adverse quality trends.  Our systems can be developed using either Excel or Access software, with automatic drop down menus, client-defined fields, and automatic Pareto analysis chart generation.  Our systems meet the requirements of MIL-STD-1520C, MIL-Q-9858, ISO-9000, and Boeing's D1-9000 (Revision A).

  • Systemic Continuous Improvement.  Our systemic continuous improvement program helps organizations identify quality management improvement opportunities.  The program typically begins with a one-week analysis of the organization's strengths and weaknesses, compliance to applicable requirements, and improvement opportunities.  The analysis concludes with a comprehensive report and presentation that outlines findings and presents a recommended improvement roadmap.  J.H. Berk and Associates can assist clients in follow-on implementation activities, or clients may opt to implement improvement recommendations independently.

  • Focused Product and Process Improvements.  Our focused product and process improvement programs improve product-specific designs and processes.  These efforts are performed in conjunction with in-house teams consisting of manufacturing, engineering, quality, and procurement representatives.  Product improvement programs identify all quality shortfalls and required corrective actions.  Our support includes designed experiments, fault tree analysis, Pareto analysis, failure modes and effects analysis, and other activities to identify process, tooling, design, supplier, acceptance, and other shortfalls.

  • Workmanship Standards Development and Training.  We can rapidly develop product-specific workmanship standards.  Our digital-imaging-based approach provides easily-understood, comprehensively-illustrated English-and-Spanish workmanship standards in days (not weeks or months).  J.H. Berk and Associates can also provide employee workmanship standards training (including "train the trainer" programs).  We can frequently secure state funding for your training investment.

  • Audit Preparation Support.  Facing a DCMAO, Boeing, or other customer quality audit?  Our Audit Preparation Support approach assesses your compliance with all customer-specific requirements, identifies required improvements, and (if necessary) assists in corrective action implementation.

  • Document Control Systems.  We can assess your document control system (including compliance with applicable customer configuration management requirements).  We will help you define and implement improvements that will assure appropriate engineering change evaluation and compliance with all customer requirements.

  • MRB Management.  Is your MRB crib overflowing?  Do rejected items take up permanent residence in MRB?  We can help you clear your existing MRB inventory and implement a management approach that will assure a 48-hour MRB turnaround time.

  • Procedure Generation.  We can help you rapidly generate an ISO-compliant quality manual and procedures, or upgrade existing procedures to meet customer requirements.


Please contact us via phone (909 204 9984) or e-mail to learn more about how we can help you.

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