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We specialize in helping manufacturers turn around delinquent delivery situations.  Here are areas in which we can help:

  • Performance Measurement.  We can rapidly develop standards and implement performance measurement systems tailored to client needs.  Our systems include visual manufacturing metrics that pinpoint improvement opportunities.  We train personnel in performance measurement system use and assist implementation.

  • Capacity Analysis.  We develop and implement tailored capacity-versus-load systems to assist clients in identifying capacity-based production constraints.  We train supervisors and production planners in system use and implementation.

  • Delivery Performance Improvement.  Our delivery performance improvement program evaluates order entry, lead time, work order/requisition release, procurement, inventory, receiving, test and inspection, nonconformance documentation and disposition, MRP implementation, and capacity.  We identify required corrective actions and assist in developing implementation schedules.

  • Process Improvement.  Our comprehensive process flow analysis approach documents and assesses each step, quantifies improvement opportunities, and guides the conversion of non-value-added activities to those that reduce cost, reduce time, and improve quality.

  • Lead Time Reduction.  Our lead time reduction program evaluates procurement practices, inspection requirements, material flow issues, outside processing, stocking practices, manufacturing, and system move, queue, setup, and run times to identify production choke points.  We recommend corrective actions and implementation schedules.

  • Procurement.  We assess current procurement practices from production support, cost control, supplier management, buyer utilization, and other perspectives and develop tailored improvement roadmaps.  We provide a comprehensive report identifying recommended corrective actions and implementation risks.

  • Value Improvement.  Our value improvement program focuses on cost reduction while assuring compliance with customer requirements.  Manufacturing and procurement approaches are evaluated to identify opportunities in the areas of material usage, material flow, procurement, supplier requirements, test and inspection improvements, scrap/rework reduction, packaging, assembly aids, tooling improvements, product design simplifications, setup and run time reductions, and process simplification.

  • Plant Turnarounds.  Tried everything and the plant is still not performing?  J.H. Berk and Associates can provide operations management support until the plant is performing and implement the systems necessary to assure post-engagement performance.

  • Workforce Consolidation.  J.H. Berk and Associates can provide quantitative work force requirement estimates and identify overstaffing and understaffing situations in both direct labor and administrative areas.  We provide a comprehensive report that recommends appropriate staffing levels, implementation approaches, and required risk management actions in both bargaining-unit and non-bargaining-unit environments. 

Please review our Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement technical paper.


Please contact us via phone (909 204 9984) or e-mail to learn more about how we can help you.

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