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J.H. Berk and Associates clients include:

  • Aerojet Ordnance (munitions)

  • Alcoa Composite Structures (aerospace component structures)

  • Alfa-Leisure (recreational vehicles)

  • Allegiance (biomedical devices)

  • American Bristol (firefighting equipment)

  • American Graduate University (training programs)

  • Associated Plastics (construction components)

  • Baxter CardioVascular Group (biomedical devices)

  • Baxter Paramax (biomedical devices)

  • Baxter Puerto Rico (biomedical devices)

  • BEI Defense Systems Company (munitions)

  • Bishamon Industries (material handling equipment)

  • Boeing Electronic Systems Company (electronic and electro-optical equipment)

  • Boeing Space Systems (space craft)

  • Burkert Contromatic (fluid control systems)

  • California State Polytechnic University (training programs)

  • California Munitions Development Company (munitions)

  • Con Agra (food products)

  • Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation (airport equipment)

  • Equipment Company of America (material handling equipment)

  • Grafalloy (golf club shafts)

  • Haas and Najarian (claims litigation)

  • Harmon Industries (electronics and railroad switchgear)

  • Hi-Shear Industries (claims litigation)

  • Hi-Shear Technology Corporation (munitions and pyrotechnic devices)

  • Honeywell (training and control systems)

  • Howden Fluid Systems (combat vehicle environmental control systems)

  • Hydranautics (water treatment equipment)

  • Interface Technology (avionics test equipment)

  • Irvine Scientific (biomedical equipment)

  • L3 Com Ė Conic Division (munitions and missile control systems)  

  • Layne Christensen Company (water treatment systems)

  • Michaelis, Montanari, and Johnson (aerospace litigation)

  • Mitchell and Schroeder (motor vehicle litigation)

  • Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius (claims litigation)

  • MotivePower (locomotive manufacturing)

  • New Bedford Panoramex (electronics)

  • OEA Aerospace (aircraft emergency egress systems and pyrotechnic devices)

  • Networks Electronic (pyrotechnic devices)

  • Perrin Manufacturing Company (injection-molded-plastic equipment)

  • Sargent-Fletcher (aerial refueling and aircraft fuel systems)

  • SigmaPower (electronics)

  • Sparta (munitions)

  • THORCalifornia (recreational vehicles)

  • U.S. Army Rock Island Arsenal (munitions systems procurement)

  • U.S. Army Yuma Proving Grounds (military equipment development testing)

  • Vickers Sterer Engineering (aircraft equipment)  

  • Yamaha Motor Corporation (motorcycles and all terrain vehicles)

  • Zieman Manufacturing Company (automotive equipment)

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Here's what our clients have to say...

Productivity and Quality Improvement


I highly recommend J.H. Berk and Associates for improving processes, analyzing and correcting problems, and training in quality and value improvement techniques.    I engaged Mr. Berk for two separate programs and have been extremely satisfied with his level of knowledge, his ability to lead cross functional teams to produce results, and with his overall style and effectiveness.

Phil Baer

Quality Assurance Director

Baxter CardioVascular Group


Your support in developing an overall consolidation plan has helped us to significantly lower operating costs in both facilities.  Your implementation of Management Control Systems is providing much needed visibility and performance measurement, and we are already realizing strong efficiency improvements in both facilities.  We have seen the manufacturing hours per unit reduced by about 28%, which is a phenomenal improvement.

L.C. Smith

Vice President of Operations

Bishamon Industries


I want to express my sincere appreciation for the help you provided to us in establishing a quality management system compliant to the Automotive Lift Institute and ANSI requirements.  I am impressed with the manner in which you organized this project and integrated the activities of our administrative and manufacturing personnel.  The procedures and business management flow charts you provided are clear, they incorporate how we want to do business, and they provide the management system we retained to you to develop.  You met the aggressive schedule you provided to us at the start of this project, and we are pleased with the product and your services.

L.C. Smith

Operations Manager

Bishamon Industries


I am particularly impressed with the leadership you brought to this project, and the manner in which you helped us organize our efforts.  Your action item definition, assignment, and documentation approach played a major role in keeping this project on track.  We also greatly appreciated the analyses and improvement recommendations you provided on our manufacturing and quality management systems.

Pat Shaffer

Product Director

Baxter CardioVascular Group


Our technical staff and our customer were pleased with the systems engineering analyses you prepared for the PAC-3 electronic safe and arming device.  We are particularly grateful to you for the presentation you gave to our customer and to the U.S. Army on these analyses, and for convincing these critical customers that our design meets all safety requirements.

Mike Pattison

Vice President of Business Development

Hi-Shear Technology


I want to thank you and your organization for developing and helping us to implement a Quality Measurement System.  The Access-based system you developed for us is exactly what we wanted.  We are using it daily, right on the assembly line, to record defects.  The system is great, and it is providing the benefits you told us it would.  We have been able to reduce our warranty expense 50%.  The reports have been especially effective in communicating to our suppliers the problems our customers are having with their products.

John Nelson

Director of Quality and Customer Relations

Alfa Leisure


Please accept our thanks for your efforts in the workforce consolidation project.  We implemented your suggestions and we are quite pleased with the results.  I want to mention that we particularly appreciated the people-oriented approach you used in undertaking this most-sensitive analysis.  Several of our employees commented on the comfort level you established with each person you interviewed, which I find remarkable considering the nature of the assignment.

Pat Perrin


Perrin Manufacturing Company


Failure Analysis


We just learned that Boeing approved the failure analyses you prepared on the V-22 programs.  We learned both from the failures and from the manner in which you resolved them.  As the programís project engineer, I valued your support and the quick results you produced.

Rich Kersten

Project Engineer

OEA Aerospace




The training you provided was extremely beneficial and suited our needs exactly.  We appreciated your hands-on approach and the application of the teaching to the resolution of long standing nonconformances in our organization.  The training directly meets our FDA and ISO 9001 process improvement requirements. Please be assured that we will use both your teaching and consultation services again as needs arise.

Pat Harn

Vice President of Administration

Irvine Scientific


I would like to thank you for putting together and presenting the special class on Systems Failure Analysis.  The benefits from the class have met all our expectations.  Even though the class is not yet completed, we are seeing positive changes in the attitudes and approaches that the participants are taking to solve problems in their every day work.  I have had managers comment to me that they are impressed with the types of questions the engineers, who are taking this class, are now asking.

Bill Frank

Director of Engineering

McDonnell Douglas Electronic Systems


The audience, consisting of Manufacturing, R&D, Quality Engineers, and Management, was very impressed by the material and the way the lecture was given.

Amazia Gartner

Quality Assurance Manager



I was most impressed by the training programís emphasis on merging the skills and talents of our engineers and those whom we support, and in particular, by the bridges built between my organization and the quality assurance and manufacturing groups.  The course materials were well-developed.  We found that the case studies based on real world defense systems failures were particularly interesting and educational.

Reza Ghavam

Engineering Manager

Sargent Fletcher Company


Expert Witness Analysis & Testimony


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance during our appeal before the Armed Service Board of Contract Appeals.  Your work allowed us to present our position on this fuze to the judge in an easily-understandable, but analytical way.  As a result, your contributions had a significant, positive impact on our ability to present this case.

Joe Mance

Program Manager

BEI Defense Systems Company


As you know, after the entitlement trial Judge Reiter extensively quoted your analyses and testimony in his and the Armed Service Board of Contract Appealsí favorable decision.  Your work during the quantum trial was equally impressive.  Your assessments of the Navyís technical data package deficiencies were straightforward and could not be credibly countered by the Navy attorneys or their experts.  I believe your ability to simplify the complicated concepts in a litigation of this nature played a key role in the entitlement trialís favorable outcome.   

Robert Schell

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Hi-Shear Industries


Please contact us via phone (909 204 9984) or e-mail to learn more about how we can help you.

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